Affirmative Action at Work



Administrative Science Quarterly
This study succeeds in that it takes existing theories on distributive justice, articulates the normative implications of these theories, and proceeds to evaluate their external validity in light of the evidence collected. It also expands our understanding of how individuals reconcile their beliefs about affirmative action policies with the tenets of liberalism as the dominant moral and ethical philosophy of this country.”
Public Administrative Review
“By telling us how workers are reacting to the program, [Taylor] probes deeply and delicately into the recesses of an important public policy issue that is often only superficially explored. . . . Affirmative Action at Work is thus a 'must read' for anyone who is interested in either affirmative action policy specifically, or personnel policy generally.”
Michigan Law Review
Affirmative Action at Work provides an excellent introduction to the legal and ethical issues that comprise the current debate over the legitimacy of affirmative action programs. Moreover, the book affords the reader a rare insight into how members of the work force who, on a daily basis, see and feel the impact of affirmative action view the issue.”