Dr. Robert Boschman
Associate Professor of English
Mount Royal University
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
and Convener

"Under Western Skies: Climate, Culture, and Change in Western North America"

"Dr. Bron Taylor is a magnetic and personal keynote speaker whose scholarship in the related fields of Ethics, Religion, and Environmental Studies is second to none."

Peter Ellard
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Sienna College
Loudonville, NY

"Bron Taylor is an outstanding presenter. He uses sights, sounds, audience participation, and the art of story telling to reveal the depth of content of his talks. Our students walked away believing it was the best out of class experience that they had all year. Taylor remained after the talk and engaged in conversation with students for hours. His enthusiasm is quite infectious."

Dr. Dell deChant
Senior Instructor & Associate Chair
Department of Religious Studies
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL
and Conference Chair: Interdisciplinary Conference on New Religions

"Professor Taylor is one of the acknowledged masters of the emerging field of Religion and Ecology. His research has been a major factor in the establishment of this area as one of critical importance to the Academy as well as the general public. Because of Bron Taylor's singular work, today scholars, worldwide, understand the vital relationship between human concepts of the sacred and the natural world. Besides his foundational research, Bron is also an outstanding lecturer and facilitator of group learning. His presentations are dynamic, engaged and engaging, smart, informed, never bothered and always cool. He is a rare and powerful presence. We are lucky he is in the world with us at this time."

Greg Johnson
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Religious Studies
University of Colorado at Boulder
Chair of the Law, Religion, and Culture Group, American Academy of Religion
Executive Council, North American Association for the Study of Religion

"Bron Taylor bridges intellectual issues and public concerns with a style that is at once provocative and welcoming. He refuses to let his ideas languish in the halls of academia. His message is about radical changes in the world we know and he is immensely capable of reaching a broad audience. Taylor writes and speaks about issues that should be front and center for all of us--the fate or our planet and the role of religion in causing and responding to the environmental struggles we face."

Eric Otto 
Assistant Professor of Environmental Humanities
Florida Gulf Coast University 
Fort Myers, FL

"Bron Taylor is certainly a leader in the field of environmentalism and religion. Both his published work and his speaking engagements are informed with the kind of critical, intellectual depth necessary for today's pressing discussions about environmental and social issues. Being that his work is often informed by field experience and lived experience, it ultimately represents the important merging of theory and practice that we also need as we move forward on key issues."

Priscilla M. Clarkson
Distinguished Professor and Dean
Commonwealth College
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA

"Professor Taylor is an enthusiastic speaker who is clearly passionate about his work. His presentation was both informative and inspiring."

Alastair McIntosh 
author of Soil and Soul
Visiting Professor of Human Ecology
Strathclyde University
Strathclyde, Scotland
"Few if any have done as much as Bron Taylor to place the study of environmental movements and spirituality on the academic map; none have done so with such an infectious thrill of surfing waves both scholarly and oceanic.”