Welcome to Bron Taylor's gateway to the study of nature-human relationships and the global struggle for biodiversity, conservation and environmental sustainability, including as discussed in Dark Green Religion: Nature Spirituality and the Planetary Future and his most recent book Avatar and Nature Spirituality
Explore the emotional and spiritual connections people have (and do not have) with nature. Consider the ethical and political dimensions of grassroots environmental movements, including Earth First! and the Earth Liberation Front. Discover what surfing (oceanic not internet) might have to do with spirituality and environmentalism. Analyze how environments shape human perceptions and how human perceptions shape environmental and social systems. Consider whether a new-post Darwinian nature spirituality is emerging that will decisively shape the future of religion and the earth.

Taylor is convinced that to halt and reverse the intensifying environmental crisis we must rethink everything, including our emotional and spiritual connections with nature and our moral obligations to the earth's diverse inhabitants. He cordially invites you to join him in rethinking, in revisioning, the planetary future.

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