IDRC Davos 2010

Along with opinion and perspective written for newspapers and other publications, Bron Taylor has often been interviewed by print, radio, and television media in the United States and abroad.

More interviews, including with the BBC Radio's Channel 4, are coming soon. Recent interviews and research-related articles include: 

Sacred Nature ~ To the Best of our Knowledge with Bill McKibben, Bron Taylor, & Others. A direct link is also available to Taylor's interview or download the entire MP3.Taylor's segment is at minute 42.

Dark Green Religion ~ Here On Earth Interview with Bron Taylor  Here On Earth, Radio Without Borders, WPR, 20 January 2010. MP3

Bron Taylor on Religion after Darwin
Podcast interview by David Robertson with Edinburgh University’s Religious Studies Project, April 2012.  MP3

God Against the Whirlwind: Bron Taylor's interview on religion and climate change. Patheos (Harvard University's online religion news), 4 November 2012.
"Human activity means death for thousands of species" (Dec, 2016)

Surfing, Nature, and, Spirituality
Rachel Carson Center Interview (May, 2012)

Population Growth and Disaster
International Disaster & Risk Conference 'Red Chair' Interview
Global Risk Forum, Davos, Switzerland, 3 June 2010

(More interviews from the Global Risk Forum at Davos are available at YouTube or via the conference website.)

Environmental spiritualities, ethics, arts, and activism, Cultures of Energy podcast, Rice University, 22 September 2016

Bron Taylor on Bruno Latour, Gaian Animisms and the Question of the Anthropocene, The Religious Studies Project (Edinburgh), 20 January 2014. Also available on itunes.

Dark Green Religion ~ Bron Taylor interview with Jeff Farias
The Jeff Farias Show (Toronto, Phoenix, Stockholm), 25 March 2010. MP3
(The interview in the 25 March podcast at Faria's website runs between 27-61 minutes.)

Dark Green Religion ~ The Journey Home Interview with Bron Taylor 
The Journey Home with Diego Mulligan, Santa Fe Public Radio, 2 March & 13 April 2010.
Both interviews are downloadable in the program's archives.

The Problem With Loving Nature, interview by Ann Hill on Dream Talk Radio (Sonoma, California, 9 September 2010); with blog and podcast.

Most Informative News Interviews
The Roots of James Lee's Rage against Civilization
The Huffington Post, 02 September 2010. 

Why Is Eco-Spirituality Undergoing a Revival Now? Bron Taylor Answers
Science + Religion Today, 11 February 2010.

Eco-spirituality: Perhaps the Vatican should be worried about nature worship
by Adriana Barton, Globe and Mail (Canada's leading national paper) 25 January 2010. PDF

Losing Old Gods, Finding Nature
Religion Dispatches, 21 January 2010.

Instinct, observation and tribal wisdom. Interview with Bron Taylor by Willi Paul at, 22 February 2010.

God Against the Whirlwind: Bron Taylor's interview on religion and climate change. Patheos (Harvard University's online religion news), 4 November 2012
Other News Interviews
Nature-based spirituality on rise, from Darwin to 'Avatar'
by Jeff Brumley, The Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville), 30 January 2010.

Tangents, Niches & Spiritual Trends
by Melissa Henderson, Los Angeles Times/Brand X Weekly, 6 January 2010, p. 14.
Print and Online

Spiritual Movement finds God in Nature
by Tom Jacobs, Ventura County Star, 6 December 2009.

A New Genesis: Getting World Religions to Worship Ecologically 
by Tom Jacobs, Miller-McCune Magazine, 21 April 2009.

Earlier interviews:

Television: Fox Television News (Hannity and Colmes); CNBC Television (USA), the British Broadcasting Company, NBC News “Dateline,” CBS “60 Minutes,” ABC News “20-20,” ABC/Dateline Australia, German Public Television, “Democracy Now” (Political Cable).

Print: Los Angeles Magazine, Business Week, The Scotsman, New York Times (three times), Los Angeles Times (numerous), USA Today (twice), Newsweek (thrice), the Wall Street Journal, Outside Magazine (twice), the Toronto Globe, the Oregonian, New York Indypendent, Drift Magazine, Surfing Magazine.

Radio: Australia Public Radio, South Africa Capetalk, National Public Radio (USA), Wisconsin Public Radio; Pacifica (KPFA, San Francisco), Environmental Directions, Montreal Community Radio/McGill University.